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Couchbase BigData

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The World First Engagement Database Couchbase is a distributed NoSQL document database for engagement applications. Scale-out architecture of the Couchbase is driven on cloud or universal hardware. It provides flexible data models, consistent high performance, easy scalability, and continuous 24*365 availability. Couchbase servers are flexible JSON models that make it easy to modify applications without restrictions on fixed database schemas. It also ensures high performance that handles SubmillSecond(less than 1/1000 ms) high-speed data I/O. It supports convenient scale-out to system configuration changes and expansion without downtime.

Why Couchbase?

Ensure Competitive Tactical Agility

Couchbase helps you change the scope and scale of your digital experience with agility.

Cohesive Performance Capacity

Start and provide a continuous and wonderful personalized reactive experience according to the needs of the services.

Competitive Distribution and Management

Great ideas begin right here. To gain a competitive advantage, a competitive budget must be implemented and distribute quickly and stably.

Couchbase Data Platform

You can't have a special experience with existing technology.
Scale Fail

Today's requirements are for millions of interactions and users. Traditional databases are constructed in thousands. They are designed for consistency and control, so they lack agility, flexibility, and scalability.

Database Sprawl

As user cases are evolved, many organizations have had to distribute point solutions, including multiple types of databases. As a result, "Database Sprawl" is difficult to change, costly, and slow. Ultimately, it becomes an overly complex system that harms to customer experience.

Cloud Lock-in

Traditional databases make it very difficult to use growing cloud possibilities. They are struggling to provide needed flexibility, performance, and security, as well as cost-effectiveness. And don't want to be dependent on cloud vendors and fail with plans. How do you get the flexibility you need?

Couchbase Main Features

JSON with N1QL of all scales

N1QL (SQL for JSON) is used to accelerate development by using existing SQL technologies. It meets development requirements with JSON flexibility on all scales

Memory-based Data Processing Speed Improvement

Memory speed with in-memory replication, and rich data access with 99.999% availability across the data center

Secure and Strict Security of the Whole Stack

Secure your data anywhere by encrypting and auditing in lines and clouds, devices

Ensure Cloud-based
Data Center Scale

Maintain user-friendly data in all clouds or containers around the world using XDCR (Crossed Data Center Replication)

Fully Sync and Offline Priority

It solves problems through real-time data synchronization and provides a complete mobile and IoT experience even when users are offline

Intelligent Search

Provide FTS (Full-Text Search) and real-time analytics to develop smart, personalized applications



Cluster/Client Architecture, Single Node Architecture, Failover Architecture

Introduction Effect

Introduction Effect - Construct database focused on Performance, Speed, and Stability

Game, Security, Manufacturing, Public, Distribution
Stable Service Operation
Applicable to a variety of data types – Flexible JSON Data Model
Ability to handle failures during operation – Self-monitoring enables rapid failover during operation
Ensure fast performance and high data throughput – Provide integrated cache function for performance and throughput
Node extension – Add and expand nodes with a single click
Business continuity – Provide automatic replication and embedded bidirectional XDCR service to ensure continuity
Cost Reduction, Optimal Operation / Service Diversification
Enable RDBMS-linked operation – Cost savings from additional adoption, such as RDBMS Overload Prevention and Technical Support
Ease of development – Convenient development with various SDK languages
Reduce maintenance costs – License + technical support reduces costs compared to other products
Existing SQL statements are available – N1QL enables existing SQL statements to be used as they are


Profile Management


Mobile Profile Management

Real-time Big data Management

Digital Communication

Contents Management

Global Customers

  • apple
  • cisco
  • salesforce
  • ncr
  • walmart
  • tesco
  • nike
  • neiman marcus
  • foot locker
  • at&t
  • verizon
  • comcast
  • kddi
  • globe
  • sky
  • viber
  • ebay
  • linked in
  • aol
  • criteo
  • visa
  • paypal
  • wells fargo
  • adp
  • fico
  • concur
  • marriott
  • orbitz
  • amadeus
  • sabre
  • trip advisor
  • skyscanner
  • ea
  • blizzard
  • zynga
  • betfair
  • disney
  • mc graw hill
  • gannett
  • nielsen
  • thomson reuters
  • fandango

Domestic Customers

  • ts traffic safety corporation
  • gamevil
  • devsisters
  • home plus
  • nhn entertainments
  • kbs media
  • kb kookmin card
  • lg electonics
  • tmon
  • smasung electonics
  • smasung sds
  • home&shopping
  • lotte homeshopping
  • wips
  • saint security
  • nexson
  • blue ark


  • Acquisition to GS certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 14001 certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 9001 certification mark
  • Certification of INNOBIZ Technology Innovation-type Small and Medium Enterprises
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Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Munrae-dong 3-ga, Acehightechcity)
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Unit 708, 278, Beotkkot-ro,
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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