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The Beginning of a hyper-connected society through the Internet of Things IoT Platform

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IoT Platform “nTOMIoT”

“nTOmIoT”, open type IoT/smart city platform, provides methods that easily connect various devices and sensors based on IoT related international standard called oneM2M.

IoT Platform nTOMIoT linked service

System Concepts Diagram

IoT Platform nTOMIoT System Concepts Diagram
IoT Data Collection and Management Platform
Guaranteed open-frame platform based on international standard oneM2M
Providing common service function to gateway and devices (HTTP, MQTT, CoAP)
oneN2M CSF(Common Service Function) Standard Compliance
Interoperability between Industrial Standard (AllJoyn, OIC) Platforms
Data Collecting Status Management, Various Statistics Offering
Big Data Repository Platform
Data classification/processing/accumulation based on NoSQL
Supporting Scale-out architecture with document-based NoSQL distributed database
Providing superior function, easy extending, efficient management
Interoperability between Industrial Standard(AllJoyn, OIC) Platforms
Used to consistent saving and analysis of massive IoT data
Data Open Platform
Interlocking platform and providing published data to develop services of individual developers or companies
Provide REST API automatic creation and management function for data open
Provide development guide using the device platform and developer portal
Provide the opportunity for developing IoT data analysis service using the data open platform


  • IoT Platform nTOMIoT viewer
  • IoT Platform nTOMIoT viewer


  • Acquisition to GS certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 14001 certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 9001 certification mark
  • Certification of INNOBIZ Technology Innovation-type Small and Medium Enterprises
Unit 218, Building 1, Gyeongin-ro,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Munrae-dong 3-ga, Acehightechcity)
TEL : 02-514-6123
FAX : 02-514-6124
Unit 708, 278, Beotkkot-ro,
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL : 02-2135-7870
FAX : 02-3397-0045

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