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The Beginning of a hyper-connected society through the Internet of Things IoT & ICT 서비스

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IoT & ICT Service

Goyang Smartcity Service

Goyang City introduced and built a smart city service for solving citizen-centered / participating urban problems through the application of IoT demonstration services for two years from 2016. Various demonstration services under the environmental theme are in operation, and the IoT-based convergence and convergence service will be demonstrated for the next 5 years centered on the demonstration support center.

Smart Waste Collection Management Service
The various types of garbage loading generated in the city can remotely be monitored by using the solar compressed waste bin and the load detection sensor. You can improve the cleanliness of public places by preventing flooding through waste compaction and load alarm and reducing overflowing waste bins.
Smart Preventive Service for Improving Residential Environment
Use a smart mosquito detector to monitor mosquito outbreaks by region and collect data. Selective prevention of the points of occurrence based on accumulated information can increase efficiency. Besides, quantitative data can be obtained to verify prevention planning and effectiveness.
Mixed Environment Streetlight Service
On the street lamp, install a motion detection radar sensor for pedestrian measurement, a current sensor for failure diagnosis, CO2, UV sensor for atmospheric environment analysis. The sensor uses RF near field communication, LTE remote communication to deliver the collected information to the server. It can automatically monitor street lamp failures, atmospheric conditions, and pedestrian traffic.
Smart Environmental Bicycle Sharing Service
Install the IoT module on the existing bicycle system called Fifteen in Goyang city. Using location information collected through GPS and Gyro sensors, we support the operation of public bicycle services by collecting, rearranging, and providing the location of stolen bicycles. Users are provided with movement information and momentum analysis.
Safe Parking Service
The safe parking service provides real-time determination of illegal parking by installing a sensor in a no-parking area. It then gives a warning to the driver and guides them to the parking lot nearby. This service aims to reduce traffic accidents caused by illegal parking and to facilitate traffic.
Smart Living Environment Service
It provides health indicator information by analyzing data collected from daycare centers with a high citizen sensory level. It is a service that contributes to children's health by recommending restrain from going out for children and maintaining proper indoor temperature through environmental information (fine dust, weather, and climate).
Smart Ecological Environment Service
To measure stench, that affects the living environment, a stench sensor is installed near the biomass field. Measure and monitor the stench that occurs. If there are any problems, notify them to the relevant departments to help resolve them quickly.
Smart Park Environment Service
Analyze water quality of on-road fountains in real-time, which are used as summer playgrounds to children. In the event of contamination, it controls the water supply. Then, it provides convenience to park users by showing the water quality and usage information through digital signage.
Data Visualization Service
nTOMviewWYSIWYG Dashboard Editing
N2M Dashboard Editor
N2M used its dashboard solution, nTOMview, to monitor IoT equipment installed and operated in smart cities, and to provide a monitoring service that can be visually expressed by utilizing user-friendly images.

Smart mosquito prevention service

It provides selective prevention services for point of outbreaks using the information on mosquito outbreaks of smart mosquito detector. It increased efficiency and decrease the cost of prevention.

nTOMView System Concepts Diagram
Mosquito Detector > Operation Management System > Selective Prevention
Strong Points
Data-Based Selective Prevention
Effective prevention through data analyzation-based plan, activity
Coming up with an effective counterplan against climate change through data analyzation
Real-time monitoring of outbreak status by region and by time
Establishing a virtuous cycle of the mosquito prevention system
Economic Aspect
Selective prevention activities decrease costs
Transparent prevention cost execution
  1. Health Center Mosquito Prevention Project Operation [Monitoring + Prevention] (2017)
  2. Digital Mosquito Detector Operation for Operational Reinforcement of Mosquito Forecast System of Seoul
  3. Operating Urban Ecological Forecasting Platform Project
  4. Digital Mosquito Detector Operation for measuring the outbreak of mosquitoes in Incheon and opening it to the public
  5. 'Smart Mosquito Detector' Operation for Goyang Smart City construction project of the Ministry of Science and ICT
  6. 'Smart Mosquito Detector' Operation for Goyang Smart City construction project


  • Acquisition to GS certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 14001 certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 9001 certification mark
  • Certification of INNOBIZ Technology Innovation-type Small and Medium Enterprises
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