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Authorized Scanning Electronic Document Management System with High-Speed Scanner Document Conversion

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Official Scan e-Document "nTOMNScan"

Process control system checks and improves progress rate and problems of the document conversion procedure. This ensures that the work is completed on time. It is a system that provides and manages high-quality electronic documents.

In-house Document > Automatically convert scanned data to PDF

Electronic Document Creation Process Procedure

Target Document Receiving > Preliminary Inspection > Scheduling > Electronic Document Making > Inspection > Electronic Document Delivery

Electronic Document Management System Consulting

What is e-Document Management System?
Electronic document management is a system that uses computer programs and storage devices to manage various types of documents in the company. Electronic document management systems enable companies and users to create documents or convert paper documents into electronic forms, then store, edit, print, and process them. It can manage documents in the form of text, images, videos, and audio.
e-Document Management System Overview
To manage the life cycle from e-document creation to discard, it provides basic functions and various additional functions, such as registration, creation, rights management, and search, using a document management system. This can help reduce costs, increase productivity and competitiveness, and respond to compliance.
e-Document Management System Consulting and Construction Procedure
e-Document Management System Consulting and Construction Procedure Process

nTOMNScan V2.0 GS Certification

nTOM-Nscan v2.0 is an electronic information system for electronic document processing. It provides an environment for managing and working on the process of converting paper documents into electronic documents. It is designed to enable the electronic creator, inspector, and manager can carry out the consistent work process on the system.



  • Acquisition to GS certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 14001 certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 9001 certification mark
  • Certification of INNOBIZ Technology Innovation-type Small and Medium Enterprises
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Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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