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Data Visualization Solution Visualization

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Data Visualization, Dashboard "nTOMView"

"nTOMView" is a solution to visualize datas and informations to support decision-making on phenomena occurring in various fields such as public administration, IoT, smart city, smart grid, and IT governance.

System Concepts Diagram

Data Visualization Dashboard nTomView System Concepts Diagram

Strong Points

Screen composition by document design method
It takes the same on-screen approach as the document editor. It adopts a WYSIWYG method to support intuitive screen configuration
Batch work can be carried out by supporting multi-document editing functions
Data Setting Function
It provides various types of data map setting functions such as Polling, Request, and Message
It filters the data set in the map and provides the function to utilize it in the dashboard
Data Visualization
It provides a screen design function that allows users to visualize data. Analyze related information flexibly
NTOMView component is provided as a basic, enabling the use of components for data visualization
Message Notification Feature
Supports audiovisual Notification of failure messages on managed equipment
Visual notification is supported by displaying defined color icons when messages are generated for the configured equipment on the screen
Audible notification is supported by playing defined sounds when messages are generated for the configured equipment on the screen
Multi-client Editing and Viewer Environments
All configured files and data are stored on the server. Multiple connected users can view files and data in the same configuration
For the viewer, it supports data synchronization between users. Multiple work environments are supported for one system
Page Access Configuration
You can restrict access to pages based on user privileges, thereby maintaining security for specific pages
The page branch can be applied depending on the user's tasks, so specific pages can be organized by the user
It supports data filtering functions so that control data can be classified according to tasks
Real-time Monitoring
Supports automatic updating of data for control. The person in charge can respond quickly to the problems
Adopt a flexible approach to automatic updating of data to organize user interface screens for various forms of control


  • Dashboard nTomView Viewer
  • Dashboard nTomView Viewer

Applied Cases

  • IoT - SmartCity Services Dashboard
  • SmartCity - IoT equipment statistics
  • SmartGrid

Applied Cases - Operating and Controlling IT Services

  • ITSM
  • IT Integrated control
  • CxO Dashboard
  • Performance Management


  • Acquisition to GS certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 14001 certification mark
  • Acquisition to ISO 9001 certification mark
  • Certification of INNOBIZ Technology Innovation-type Small and Medium Enterprises
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